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Unisystems has an in–depth knowledge of the business & technology challenges faced by Public sector. With more than 30 years of experience in implementing large-scale, complex ITC projects in Public Administration, Unisystems has a comprehensive solution portfolio for any type of Public Entities (multi-national, central, regional, local).

Our solutions include Data Center & Cloud technologies, Enterprise Networking, Unified Communication, Application Virtualization, Middleware, Enterprise portals, Human Capital Management & Payroll, Document & Collaboration management, BI & DWH, ERP. In addition Unisystems develops custom-made, large-scale business applications to meet the specific needs for any type of Public entities, based on state-of-the-art international development platforms or open source frameworks.

Unisystems has over 30 years of experience in large scale projects in the areas of public Finance, Taxation, Customs, Justice, Health Care & Social Insurance, Interior, Regional & Local Authorities, e-Government and Education. With projects implemented in more than 20 countries, Unisystems has the ability to implement any type of complex projects, independent of the local or domestic peculiarities or constraints.  
Unisystems is participating in any type of international or national public tender processes, open, close, RFI, RFP, RFQ, PPP, fixed price, time & means and with various types of roles as prime contractor, partner, union member, subcontractor, JV, SPV etc.
Unisystems has also developed, especially for Public Administration some product suites that cover a broad spectrum of business needs. These product suites are fully modular and can be adapted to any type of entity with different levels of complexity or requirements.

A flexible platform that contains modules covering the requirements of a broad spectrum of public administration entities, including ministries, hospitals, universities, public entities, local & regional authorities.

Q-Prime contains modules for back-office processes (ERP/Financials-Accounting, Budgeting & Control, Citizen Registry, Protocol, Case Management) and a multi-channel front-end for quick and reliable citizen e-services.

Staff, is an integrated Payroll and Human Resources Management system which fully meets the requirements and responsibilities of Payroll and Personnel Departments in public organisations and private enterprises.

The system accurately incorporates applicable legislation and provides users with unlimited parameterisation capabilities, providing solutions for any payroll and personnel model.

ACE ERP is an integrated Business Resource Management system that covers all financial and costing needs of every company regardless of its size. ACE ERP eCM (e-Construction Management) is the specialized application for technical and construction companies, designers and technical services of the public sector, which provides a complete solution to the public works organization and project management.
ACE ERP eCM consists of modules that address the needs of construction companies and technical department of public services from the initial study to the final receipt. 

  • Design and Costing: Compiles and publish of the tender dossiers and pricing protocols for public works contractors. It includes the National Technical Specifications (ETEP) as well as the latest edition of the Single Invoices of Building, Road, Hydraulic, Green, Harbor, Dams and Electromechanical Works.
  • Construction: Monitors the progress of the project and prepares Statements, Bills, Reviews, Variation tables, and other official documents for the public works. Calculates interest on late payment, labor cost and asphalt expense and automatically compiles time schedules and Gantt diagrams.

  • SAY / FAY: Compiles and issues Safety and Health Plan and Health and Safety File documents.
  • Measurements: Prepares analytical measurements in all types of engineering projects. It offers full and two-way compatibility with MS Excel.
  • Public Works Monitoring: Prepares technical programs, monitors the progress of public engineering projects, studies, supplies, services and other actions. Produces and organizes relevant documents and reports. 

ACE ERP eCM user interface features, such as the tree structure of budgets increase the productivity of your work. All data (projects, studies, budgets, prices, etc.) are stored in a fast and reliable relational database. Calculations are fast and reliable and reports are designed with respect to compliance with the law standards.

ACE ERP eCM can be integrated, at any time, with other ACE ERP subsystems according to the needs and business development. ACE ERP modules include Accounting, Warehouse, Machine, Contract, Service and CRM subsystems. The new version of ACE ERP 2018.1 is now available!

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