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Governments Stepping into the Digital Era

In recent years all levels of government (local, regional and central) face tremendous challenges in implementing policies and delivering services to citizens. Globalization, financial crisis, global or regional competition, recent pandemic are few of the major issues to be considered and act upon by governments. Across the globe governments try to change the way they operate and modernize the services offered to their citizens and business community.

Digital technologies are the major transforming power to assist governments in their journey to the future. In order to succeed they need to have clear strategy, leadership, workforce skills, digital cultures, focus and perseverance.

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Aiming for citizen-focused models for governance, digital networks and open ecosystems

Uni Systems has been working with Public organizations and governments for over 30 years. Our vast experience allows us to know in depth the constraints and the business and technology challenges faced by these entities. Over the years we have implemented all sorts of large scale projects in various domains of the public sector: Finance, Interior, Justice, Local and Regional authorities, Culture, Education, Health, Social Insurance, Taxation, Customs, Cadastre and many more.

The projects span from large scale infrastructure deployments (Data centers, networking, storage), business applications development and integration, operations and managed services, outsourcing, SLA based support, consulting and assessments. In recent years, we are actively involved in Public sector projects in more than 20 countries across Europe (International Business and EU Institutions).  

The solutions portfolio of Uni Systems can support any type of public entity, such as multi-national, central, regional or local. The main target of our team is to contribute to the Digital Government Transformation and, especially, to the eGovernment 4.0 initiative that will lead to a modern and citizen-driven government.


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More than 30 years of solid experience in providing solutions for public administration and local authorities.


A comprehensive solution portfolio: from infrastructure solutions to critical business apllications.


Custom made solutions for finance, taxation, customs, interior, justice, healthcare, social insurance, education, libraries, museums, local authorities.

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More than 200+ business experts, software & systems engineers that provide consulting and implementations services.

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Customers in more than 20 countries and all types of public entities: central & regional government, local authorities, international institutions.

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Your ideal technology and digital transformation partner.

Areas of Expertise


Taxation Systems

Customs Systems

Real-Estate Management

Human Resources Management

General Ledger

Budgeting & Control



Central e-Gov Portals and e-Services

ERP for Local Governments

HR & Payroll for Local government

Citizen Registration Systems

Business Process Management


Criminal Records Management Systems

Court of Appeals

Management System

Administrative Courts Management Systems

Council of State

Management System

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At a time when local governmental authorities are seeking ways to reduce resources and provide…
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Staff 6.0 is an HR and Payroll Application, localized to meet the needs of the Public Sector…
eDocuMenta is an integrated software product that facilitates document management and distribution…

Case studies

Ministry of Finance: TaxisNet Applications

Integrated system for the provision of e-services and web applications to the public; tax-payers and professionals

Ministry of Finance: Customs Integrated System - IcisNet

A complete Web Based Information System for the Business Automation Support of all operations of Greek Customs, including communication with the EU, for the Ministry of Finance

Ministry of Finance: Central Services Integrated Information System - OPSKY

Uni Systems implemented the development of the Central Services Integrated Information System for the Ministry of Finance.

Ministry of Interior : Upgrading of Digital Services of the Supreme Personnel Selection Council (ASEP)

Uni Systems implemented a solution that allows ASEP to provide all services to candidates through its online platforms.

Ministry of Finance: Management Information System

Development of a Data-Warehouse incorporating various data sources of the Information Systems of the Ministry of Finance and implementation of an advanced MIS. The implementation of an integrated system for the systematic collection, analysis & management of fiscal data concerning citizens & enterprises. 

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  • Ministry of Finance
  • Council of State (STE)
  • Supreme Council for Civil Personnel Selection (ASEP)
  • Ministry of Development & Investments
  • Legal Council of the State (NSK)
  • Hellenic Development Bank
  • Ministry of Justice
  • Authority for the Examination of Preliminary Appeals (AEPP)
  • Hellenic Deposit & Investment Guarantee Fund (TEKE)
  • Ministry of Interior
  • Athens Bar Association
  • Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT)
  • Ministry of Culture and Sports
  • Electronic National Social Security Institution (EEFKA)
  • Hellenic Cadastre
  • Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs
  • National Organization for Provision of Health Services (EOPYY)
  • 50% of Municipalities of Attica and a great multitude of Municipalities all over the country
  • Ministry of Digital Governance
  • Independent Authority of Public Revenue (AADE)
  • Regions of Eastern Macedonia & Thrace, North Aegean
  • Information Society
  • Management Organization Unit Of Development Programs (MOD)
  • Municipal Water Supply & Sewerage Company of Kalamata, Nafplio, Kavala, Paggaiou