Digital Agility & Connectivity

Telecommunications have undergone massive changes over the last decade. The convergence of voice, video and data, the proliferation of internet and IP-based protocols, the unification of fabrics in the data centers and the transformation of “telecom hardware” specific devices to software systems (SDN), 5G and IoT, set a complete new era of telecom solutions that are transforming the industry.

Continuous innovation and market transformation, driven by multiple factors, including the need for immediate response to market needs, the adjustment of operational and investment costs to ARPU, the capacity and elasticity to respond to demands, the efficiency required; all of the above have led to a set of adaptations for Telecom operators.

Telecoms convergence enabled by design

Uni Systems meets the IT and Telecoms convergence needs by design. The company holds technical and commercial excellence on a broad scope of ICT applications, by having implemented some of the largest projects in both the domestic end EU markets over the years. We provide expert solutions using the best-of-breed products from leading vendors. With our high quality services, we enable our clients to transform their telecommunications infrastructure and upgrade their performance and services they offer to their internal and external customers.

Modern approaches to telecom architectures like: NGN, NFV/NFVI, SDN, SD-WAN, LPWAN and for all parts of the network edge, core or backbone, are among key solution and services areas for Uni Systems. Complemented with network security, management, automation and monitoring services, we provide a holistic approach to telecom operators or enterprise networks.


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More than 20 year solid experience in supporting telecom operators in various fields.


A comprehensive solutions portfolio: from infrastructure solutions to critical business applications.


Collaboration and strategic alliance with major international telecom solution providers.

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Full scale professional services for assessment, design, tune, install, implement and support any type of telecom infrastructure.

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Customers in more than 20 countries and all types of telecom infrastructure and solutions.

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Your ideal technology and digital transformation partner.

Sector Solutions

Operational & Business Support Systems (OSS/BSS)

Network Function Virtualization / Infrastructure (NFV/I)

Virtualized Packet Core technologies

Policy Control

Revenue Intelligence

Data Retention

Network Performance Monitoring

Uni Systems xDR Data Retention is a purpose-built solution for telecom data retention.

Case studies

Orange Romania: Transformation of the Contact Center

Uni Systems completed the implementation of an upgrade program for the contact center of Orange Romania, the national mobile market leader.

Cyta Cyprus: New Generation Contact Center

An integrated system based on the needs of CYTA’s omnichannel strategy that enhanced its customer-centric approach through the development of a new generation contact center that resulted in enhanced customer experience, better and faster communication and interaction with its customers.

NATACHA III: Acquisition channel for networking, telecom and videoconferencing equipment

Natacha III is an inter-institutional contract that involves networking, telecom and videoconferencing equipment and professional services for the European Commission, 53 European Institutions, Agencies and Bodies located in 22 countries of the European Union.

Greek Yellow Pages migrates to Microsoft Azure

A yet another successful project on Data Migration to Microsoft Azure that showcased how digital transformation will lead the way in the times to come with cloud being its spearhead.

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greek yellow pages case