EU Institutions

In the Heart of the EU

In late 2007 Uni Systems initiated its European-wide expansion strategy. Since then, it has built selective strategic alliances and partnerships focusing on the European Institutions and other International Organizations across Europe. Uni Systems offers innovative business & technological competencies and a broad portfolio of products and services addressing the EU Public Administration ICT market.

Currently UniSystems customers includes some of the most distinguished EU Institutions and Agencies across Europe. The company is contracted to implement and support large-scale, complex and mission critical projects in fixed-price or time-and-means basis. Due to its true client oriented approach, commitment to excellence and its agile and efficient management style, UniSystems is positioned as a focused ICT provider to the European marketplace having already gained the respect of its partners and the trust of its Clients.

In this particular highly competitive and established market, Uni Systems even though a newcomer, has demonstrated a remarkable growth and success. Over the last few years UniSystems is actively involved in more than 30 major multi-year projects in more than 20 countries across Europe.

Our Solutions

The solutions and services portfolio includes: infrastructure modernization & redesign, DevOps automation, IT security, telecom consultancy & design, case management, human capital management, application management, critical systems custom software development, financials systems and business support.

Our multinational consultants and engineers have a solid business knowledge and in-depth technology know-how, to implement any type of large-scale, complex, multi-year ICT projects covering different business needs and functions of an International organization or agency.


UniSystems Headquarters

19-23, Al.Pantou str.
176 71 Athens, Greece
+30 211 999 7000
+30 211 999 7100



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