Uni Systems launches Uni.Automate

 The enterprise, Business Processes, and Rules Management System 


Uni Systems announced the enterprise software platform Uni. Automate an advanced Business Rules and Processes Management Solution, the fully web-based and API First BPMS platform, designed to provide freedom to the users. 

With more than 35 years of experience and technological know-how in the development of Enterprise Case, Processes, and Rules Management, Uni Systems designed, implemented, and made available a technologically modern BPMS platform that allows for centralized management of business rules and processes of organizations of any type or size.

Uni.Automate is packed with a series of business benefits, including BPMN-based centralized Business Processes, centralized Business Rules, ease of integration with other systems thanks to its feature-rich and secure available API, and productivity increase for Business Operations.

The platform is designed to execute a high volume of critical rules, enabling organizations to reduce costs and increase workforce efficiency by automating the decision-making process. It offers rules definition and parameterization functionality, automation of decision-making by defining rules in various ways (such as writing code but also with less technical authoring tools), and executing them. Organizations can integrate sophisticated decision logic into their applications, using its feature-rich API to separate and externalize decision logic from program code, making it easier and more efficient to implement, manage, control, and change.
Uni.Automate which has already been deployed in a prestigious Public Sector institution, is a powerful enterprise automation platform, which can be used for fast implementation of Business Applications, helping organizations to address complex process-oriented requirements efficiently and cost-effectively. It supports complete and extensive functionality, including but not limited to complex process definition, execution, and management based on BPMN standards.