Consumer Finance
Traditional Banks have now to compete with retail firms entering the Financial Services market, using their already established brand name and convenient place stores, as well as the low-cost marketing channels for financial products, utilizing their cross selling capabilities.
digital finance

As profit margins decrease banks are forced to re-engineer the Branch as their traditional delivery channel. eLOANS Consumer Finance Solution can suit Banks or Specialized Financial Divisions (hybrid schemes financial subsidiaries of retail firms, big retailers that self-finance their products) that focus on an extended network of Business Partners that act as intermediaries to the end consumer. The model suites any type of organization or can serve multiple parallel or alternative networks of business units from top strategic partnerships, down to the point of sales and salespersons.

online payment
Complete loan management system, suitable for all types of financial institutions
What makes it unique?
360 customer view
Built in Product Factory
Business Partner Management
Customer Care and Management
Loan Management for Consumer Loans
“Multi-currency”, “Multi-languages” and “Multi-accounting” as of design
Open Banking micro services for core functionalities
Built in business process management for definition and optimization of business process
Built in business intelligence in order to assist administrative decisions and to meet the requirements of regulatory reporting.


group humanpictos

Knowledge of banking business in-depth with 20+ years’ experience.


Retail & corporate Financial Institutions with 10 installations over the years.

business deal

Cooperation with more than 10 different dealerships.


Broad functionality coverage with 50+ modules.

credit card

Integration with third party message processors for card management.