Alpha Bank Cyprus: Digitalization of Business Processes with uniBPM

Business Process Re-engineering started off as a technique to help organizations rethink their ways of operation and improve customer service, reduce operational costs, and become world-class competitors.

alpha bank cyprus
Τhe Customer

Alpha Bank Cyprus Ltd belongs to Alpha Bank Group, one of the leading groups of the financial sector in Greece. The Bank has been operating in Cyprus since 1998 and offers a wide range of financial products and services through an up-to-date branch network, specialized Units and customer service points in all Cyprus cities. Alpha Bank Cyprus Ltd, provides high-quality products and services in the sectors of retail banking, small and large business and international activities.


The main mission of the bank is to offer products and services that respond to the current and constantly evolving demands of their clients. In order to fulfill these needs, the bank was required to rethinking its processes. New, flexible and agile processes need to be put in place, substituting rigid procedures that were designed for an earlier, different and more stable economic world.


Alpha Bank Cyprus Ltd, took the strategic decision to refactor all business processes carried out within the bank, selecting uniBPM Business Process Management to be the platform of choice.  uniBPM is used to refactor, design, execute and monitor all processes carried out with the organization.

Project Details

The project was implemented using an Agile development approach and was delivered within the time frame set from the business stakeholders despite the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Within the implementation of uniBPM, the following processes were re-engineered: 

  • Customer On-boarding (through the Branch, External Users or Mobile Device)
  • Loans Origination for Corporate and Retail lending
  • Card Issuance
  • Internet Banking On-boarding.
  • Loan Restructuring 

Through uniBPM, the organization not only managed to redesign and automate its processes but also managed to streamline processes, reducing complexity and decreasing “time to serve” customers.

  • Efficient process re-engineering of essential banking operations
  • Fast Development & Delivery
  • Robust engine for performing attended and unattended business process execution
  • Continuous business process optimization and monitoring
  • Open architecture allowed for seamless integration with banks internal systems.