Cyta Cyprus: New Generation Contact Center

An integrated system based on the needs of CYTA’s omnichannel strategy that enhanced its customer-centric approach through the development of a new generation contact center that resulted in enhanced customer experience, better and faster communication and interaction with its customers.


CYTA’s customer-centric approach demanded a new system that would enhance its customers’ experience with the company’s services. The main aim was better and faster interaction and communication with its customers, the establishment of solid relationships of trust through any communication channel. 


Our ICT consultants proposed the upgrade of the existing call center into a new-generation contact center which, through a holistic approach, would combine an extensive network of communication channels, including incoming and outgoing calls, chat, email, mobile and social media to directly deliver personalized services to CYTA’s customers.


Infrastructure PBX



Voice Recorder

Project Details

• Website: chat & email interactions

• Mobile Engagement through a mobile app

• Call back service



• Interaction with existing Siebel CRM

• Self-Service IVR & Surveys

• Contact center


The upgraded system hosts 120 agents. The advantages of its usage include vendor lock-in prevention, decrease of hardware costs, software easier and faster upgrades, minimization of administrative costs, increased ability to take advantage of more agent seats through virtualization solutions, employees flexibility, seamless and uninterrupted interconnection to the new environment and increased availability.

“Today’s consumers are hardly loyal to a single channel of communication. They are the same people who will both shop through their mobile, computer, and traditional stores and they demand continuous interaction through any channel that fits their fast-paced way of life and immediate fulfilment of their needs. With our flexible new generation contact center we are able to provide them what they what at the time they request it. Satisfied customers, flexibility to our daily operations and significant cost savings was at the center of our initial planning and we are more than satisfied with the outcome” 

Dimitrios Dimitriou, CIO, CYTA Cyprus.