National Library of Greece: The Relocation Process

Uni Systems implemented the challenging preparatory project that enabled the relocation of the Collections of the National Library of Greece to the new building, located at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center.

National Library of Greece
National Library of Greece
National Library of Greece
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The National Library of Greece is the trustee of the Greek language and heritage with a history of over two centuries. Its collection includes more than a million of books, magazines, documents and manuscripts dating from the 9th century and the very first copy of each book ever printed in Greece. In 2018, the National Library, relocated from the Vallianeio historic neoclassical building in downtown Athens to its new premises at the SNFCC, and made a giant step into its digital future. Uni Systems was there to proudly support this renowned project. 


Purpose of the client was to make a smooth and meaningful transition to the new era. The National Library's new premises at SNFCC, more than an iconic environment, had to offer a range of conditions that would enable security and manageability of the vast and unique collections. During the implementation, new needs were raised, such as books and items that were not catalogued but were placed on the shelves, and our people addressed them effectively. 


The unique project employed more than fifty professionals that provided services toward: 

  • Affixation of RFID tags to books and chained volumes of periodicals and newspapers.
  • Identification of documents and copies in the Integrated Library System.
  • Processing of bibliographical records and archives.
  • Title page or book cover scanning, for every single title. 
  • Packaging, labeling and enclosure of collections.

Uni Systems offered a mix of solutions in order to implement the integrated library system, the automation and security systems as well as the security gates that were installed at all entrances of the library, accompanied by the People Counter. Moreover, the mix included the self-service solution that helps library users borrow, return and renew items, pay fines and discover events and programs the institution offers. Also, the installation of RFID tags allows the library staff to get real-time information on all books and their location, status and efficiently complete their inventory. 


Platform Sierra

Integrated Library System 

RFID Solution

Library automation system and security system.

RFID Gate Premium and RFID Gate Single Aisle

Security gates with People Counter installed at all entrances of the library.

SelfCheck Kiosk

Self-service solution which helps library users to borrow, return and renew items, pay fines and discover events and programs.

External Bookreturn

Automated return and sorting solution.

Full-shielded Staff Antenna

This workstation provides staff with a fast and efficient solution to program and verify RFID tags and to add or remove item security without needing the library system. 

RFID Mobile Inventory

It allows library staff to complete inventory tasks quickly and productively. 

RFID Tags for Books and Media

The RFID labels consist of a chip on which the item-related information can be stored. 

Project Details

As part of this relocation, Uni Systems installed RFID solutions in the new building and processed the main collections of the Library. The project included the installation of an automated library system, the training of the library’s staff, the digitization of covers of 400.000 books, the RFID tagging of 720.000 items, the cataloguing services of 400.000 records and the creation of 20.000 new bibliographic records by a team of 45 people.


The library can now easily maintain the produced material, while giving better results and added value to their services, openness that is needed for collaborations with other organizations, remote central management, security system, automation of time-consuming tasks, better services for the public, effective management of all types of material, inventory for the collection in minimum time and statistics. 

"The relocation of the National Library of Greece is an unprecedented event in the library’s history. People, collections and services are currently preparing for the relocation to the new venue in a time and manner that will further support the long-term preservation of the recorded Greek cultural heritage and will enable its dissemination through open access initiatives. To achieve that, one has to collaborate with the experts in each field and National Library’s cooperation with Uni Systems lies within this context”.  

Dr. Filippos Tsimpoglou, Director General of the National Library of Greece