Navy General Staff: Naval Works Management

The aim of this project was to complete the automation and monitoring of the processes of the Department of Public Works for the Navy General Staff. Uni Systems offered its support throughout, starting from the planning and drafting of the study, to the final receipt of the project. At the same time, the new subsystem was linked to the already installed study subsystem, resulting to the creation of an integrated public works management system.

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Τhe Customer

The Department of Public Naval Works of the Navy General Staff is  responsible for the planning, design, implementation and supervision of technical projects necessary to support the activity of the Greek Navy. The Department manages hundreds of projects every year and has many subdepartments and offices throughout Greece.


The client was basing its operations on an old version of a project management system, which was no longer possible to maintain, upgrade or adapt to changes in current procedures and legislation. Moreover, this system did not have the capability to integrate with the existing study subsystem in the department. 


Uni Systems implemented a solution that allowed the client to upgrade the software environment of the organization, while providing new features and applications.

The software upgrade and data transfer to the new system was performed automatically without interruption of user activity. The main features of the new system are:

  • Full integration with the existing software system for planning and study of public works.
  • Customization of the appearance and functions of the system per user or per group of users.
  • Better layout of menus, commands and screens for quick familiarization with the program and easier access to its functions.
  • New design of reports and standard documents with the possibility of their easy modification.


Enterprise Resource Planning for the Construction Industry 

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Project Details

• An integrated management and monitoring software environment for all projects across the organization, providing the latest .NET software, SQL Server database and a single database for all projects of the organization.

• New versions of the system at regular intervals enriched with new features and reports.

• Tested software and exemplary support from the Uni Systems ACE ERP team. 


Complete monitoring of projects from the stage of planning and drafting of the study to the final receipt. Overview of the project at each stage of its implementation through comprehensive reports. Full support and regular program upgrades that significantly reduce maintenance costs. Faster process execution and thus reduction of project completion time.