Pleiades IoT Innovation Cluster

Innovation in action


Pleiades IoT Innovation Cluster, focusing on Internet of Things technologies and with Uni Systems as a funded member, was established in 2020 following the successful funding grant from the General Secretariat for Research and Technology of the Hellenic Ministry of Development & Investments, and in 2022 has been converted into a Non-Profit Company, with main aim to contribute to the development of a dynamic Greek IoT ecosystem. 

Pleiades IoT Innovation Cluster’s members include key Greek IoT players – large companies, successful SMEs and dynamic startups – as well as research centers, universities, associations and end-user representatives. It aims to develop new services, transform existing businesses, and create innovative solutions using emerging technologies. The Cluster is comprised of 21 organizations, divided into 9 working groups with 9 use cases from all the technology sectors one can imagine.

It’s working groups:

  • Horizontal IoT platform
    a) Uni Systems b) Ubitech c) Novelcore
  • Remote Health Care (eHealth)
    a) Dotsoft b) Athens Medical Group
  • Data Marketplaces for IoT
    a) Mobito
  • Environmental Monitoring 
    a) Sigfox b) Meteo (National Observatory of Athens)
  • Phygical Retail Interoperability Standardization 
    a) Optechain b) Cardlink
  • Green and Smart Museum 
    a) C2H b) Zarifopoulos S.A c) Mobics d) Peripatos
  • Smart facilities Management 
    a) Yodiwo b) NouspratIT
  • Drone Inspections
    a) PROBOTEK b) University of Patras 
  • Next Generation Solar Heaters
    a) Calpak b) Prisma Electronics

Pleiades is a proud member of FIWARE community, having access in FIWARE’s ecosystem and standards, perfectly aligned with Pleiades ecosystem scope and vision. As a FIWARE iHub, Pleiades’ mission is to create a local community in order to pursue the FIWARE Mission: “to build an open sustainable ecosystem around public, royalty-free and implementationdriven software platform standards that will ease the development of new Smart Applications in multiple sectors”.

TOTAL FUNDING: 3.000.000 euros