Regional Health Network of Crete: Integrated Information System

Uni Systems provided a solution to the Regional Health Network of Crete, comprising of a mix of customer-centric tools, in order to create the necessary infrastructure and develop a series of applications that will allow the Network to follow the customer/patient journey along every step and around every interaction with the Health Units across the region.

Health Crete

To fully digitize and automate the patient journey in all the hospitals of the region as well as in the primary care units. Furthermore, to provide unique electronic health record for the citizens on every encounter they have with the health service provider units of the region and to fully automate the workflows of the health professionals and the administrative personnel of the above entities. 


A turnkey project includes hardware and networking infrastructure. As far as software applications and accompanying services are concerned, the project includes the analysis, design, implementation, support and maintenance of an Integrated Health Information System. 


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System

Provided modules on Accounting, General Ledger, Budgeting, Accounts Balancing, Stock Management, Procurement, Assets, Payroll, Cost Accounting and Quality Control. 

Patient Management

Used for Inpatients, Admissions and Discharges, Bed Management, Appointments, Scheduling, Billing, Electronic Claim Management, RDVs

Medical Information System

Provided a solution for Outpatients, Medical Acts & Protocols, Medical Results, Health Record, Acute and Emergency Incidents, Ward Management, Diagnosis, Patients Health Profiling, Electronic prescriptions, Departmental Systems

Laboratory Information System and Radiology Information System

Supporting all Laboratory and Radiology Department Operations. 

HL7 Connectivity

Gave the ability to interconnect software products within the Hospital environment as well as across all Hospitals and Primary Care Units of the Region. In addition, it made feasible the interconnection between hospitals and the Social Security Organization, the Ministry of Health and the State Electronic Governance of Social Security Center. 

Business Intelligence

Based on Data Warehousing technologies, according to the Regional Health Network’s needs. 

Project Details

The majority of the applications and modules are installed across the various Health Units within the administrative control and geographical region of the Crete RHN, consisting of the RHN Administration, the University Hospital of Heraclion, the General Hospital of Heraclion “Venizelio”, the General Hospital of Chania “Ag. Georgios”, the General Hospital of Rethimno, the General Hospital of Ag. Nikolaos, the General Hospital/Health Center of Ierapetra, the General Hospital/Health Center of Sitia and the General Hospital/Health Center of Neapoli. The applications are provided to more than 2.000 RHN users, including medical, nursing and administrative personnel, covering more than 600.000 citizens on the island of Crete. It consists of 4 prefectures and includes a great number of hospitals, as well as 14 health centers, extending to more than 2.300 beds.  


All Hospitals are connected so that each patient has a unique identifier within the region, while the information concerning the patient visits to each of the health service providers of the region is accessible for future reference, having as a sole restriction the security schemes agreed. Moreover, since the medical and administrative workflow within the hospitals has been digitized and automated, Hospitals across the Region have implemented the Electronic Health Records system. The interaction with external entities like the Ministry of Health the Social Security that pays for the health services (EOPYY), and the state company “Electronic Governance of Social Security” (IDIKA) is now seamless and digital. Finally, many KPIs are consolidated among hospitals in a Regional level.