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In times when we need to offer more with less resources and take advantage of high speed, reliability, strategic edge and accessibility while enjoying significant cost optimization, cloud is our one way ticket to do it. Cloud computing is the new normal for organizations of all sizes and as analysts predict, by 2024 more that 45% of the IT spending will shift from traditional IT to cloud to support through various architectures, such as hybrid, public and private, all types of needs and workloads.

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Cloud marks a steady growth, increased by 7% during the last 6 years

At Uni Systems we have the playbook. We can help any type of organization in benefiting from modern Data Center and Cloud Technologies. Assessing existing infrastructure investments and workloads, designing the new ICT infrastructure blueprint, implementing lift-and-shift, monitoring, supporting and managing the new architecture, are among the key services offered by our technology experts. Fully customizable solutions based on existing infrastructure are developed to match specific business challenges and strategic paths for each client. We prefer to keep our clients vendor agnostic, set them free both from vendors and technologies and let them select the best-of-bread technology and ICT architecture that fits their needs. 

That is the reason why we are offering a holistic ICT roadmap, bundled with the appropriate tools, methodologies and technologies to guide organizations to a successful digital transformation journey that goes through our cloud and Data Center offering, coupled on a need basis, with our own Data Center Facilities and cloud offerings (UniCloud), infrastructure management, business continuity and disaster recovery services.

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At Uni Systems, we have a concrete and integrated approach toward cloud offering. From consulting services to migration and re-engineering of modern IT infrastructure, we inspire our clients and work together to drive the future story of their business through unique perspectives and constructive disruptions. 

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Cloud computing is at the top trends of IT market for over 10 years and will keep its positioning in the near future
What we deliver

We know what it takes to develop the ideal cloud implementation, as we have pioneered in the field of cloud solutions since its very beginning. With cloud taking the lead on the emerging technologies arena for more than a decade now, data center technologies, hybrid, private and public clouds are here to take us to a new level of flexibility and cost effectiveness.

Rack, Cage, Suite (on demand)
Complex, fully managed, Wndows or *nix hosting solutions for application service providers
Information recovery and restoration based on specific RTO/RPO
Various customizable back up services
Tape archiving space
Data Replications services
Scenario testing
Compliance testing
Dark/White operating room, Shared or Dedicated
Uni|Hardware: Computer &Storage as a Service
Uni|Apps: Application Delivery as a Service
Uni|Desktop: Desktop as a Service
Uni|On-Board: On-Boarding Applications
Uni|Root: Advanced Monitoring as a Service
Uni|Vault: Backup & Business Continuity as a Service
Uni|Workplaces: Test & Development as a Service
Uni|DBaaS: RDBMS as a Service
Uni|MaaS: Middleware as a Service
Uni|PAYaaS: Payroll as a Service
Uni|CRMaaS: Customer Relationship Management as a Service
Uni|HCMaaS: Human Capital Management as a Service
Deduplication & replication of storage systems
IBMi & mainframes
Remote offices
Real-time monitoring & reporting
Mid to High-end storage architectures (NAS, SAN, DAS)
Storage tiering or hierarchy
Backup & recovery
Records management & archiving
Email archiving
Data & information protection


EU agency moves to Azure Cloud and takes flexibility to the next level

The case of the full migration of a traditional private IaaS Data Center to Microsoft Azure at one of the renowned EU agency is a complete and Public Cloud-only use case.  

banking eu agency

Reference Engagements

Reference Engagements

Cloud-only initiative for an EU regulator

A cloud-only initiative that entails full Data Center migration on Azure, Infrastructure as Code, automation, DevOps, provisioning and configuration services. 

Hybrid cloud project for a Banking sector client

A newly established Bank made use of our implementation on  Azure Stack Hybrid Cloud, DevOps & Containers, while taking advantage of our managed and core banking services and Data Center Hosting. 

Migration on Azure for the largest network service provider in Greece

Entrusted by over 250,000 businesses, our client took advantage of our services regarding On-Premises Services Migration on Azure, its Portal, Data Warehouse, IT Management and remote working.

Modern workplace and Hybrid cloud for a renowned Banking institution

One of our most prominent clients in the Banking sector has created a modern workplace environment with Desktop Virtualization, Azure Stack Hybrid Cloud, DevOps & Containers, EMS, Azure AD, MFA, and Conditional Access. 

Modern workplace for systemic bank in Greece

After the pandemic, the need for a modern workplace is more evident than ever. A large systemic banking institution has entrusted us with the creation of a modern workplace environment that was developed through Desktop Virtualization, Azure AD, MFA, and  Conditional Access. 

Migration services for a prominent EU banking authority

The project entailed consulting services for O365, Services Migration, Sharepoint & Teams configuration, and Azure AD EMS.  

Cloud migration for large insurance customer

For one of the largest insurance provider, we delivered a full cloud migration assessment and SharePoint migration services.