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As ICT is increasingly becoming on of the most important enablers for businesses, consulting services have broadened and deepened their scope and necessity, over the past decade. Companies are hiring technology consultants to support them in their digital transformation journey, to meet their business objectives or overcome a large variety of problems. The type of work can range from strategic, such as developing a new IT strategy or IT cybersecurity approach, to tactical, such as the implementation of an ERP system or the selection of an IT system, to highly operational such as the development of a mobile application or the transformation of an old legacy one.

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Making the most out of our offerings, integrated into your digital environment.

Uni Systems provides ICT consulting services that help clients assess different technology strategies for aligning their own technology strategies with their business or process objectives. These consulting services support customers’ ICT initiatives and are providing strategic, architectural, operational and implementation planning.

Strategic planning includes advisory services that help clients assess their IT needs and formulate strategies for systems implementation. Architecture planning consists of advisory services in combination with strategies, planning and knowledge of emerging technologies, to create the mapping and design of the system and its supporting infrastructure, in order to satisfy customer requirements. Operational assessment/benchmarking includes services that implement the assessment of the operational efficiency and the capacity of a client’s ICT environment. Implementation planning consists of services that are aiming at advising our customers on the rollout and testing of new solution deployments.

Our Offerings

We are providing the required guidance and advice to our clients for effectively implementing the right testing, strategy, planning, preparation and execution, within their defined timelines and budget. Or simply put, undertaking the entire testing procedure on behalf of our customers. Uni Systems consulting services aim at offering a clear view study from independent international consultants, commercially and technically proven through real references.

PM as a Service (PMAAS)
Architecture Assessment
Testing as a Service (TAAS)
Proof of Concept
Solution Architecture
Product/Vendor Selection
Consulting on Digital Transformation
Data and Content Migration
Business Process Reengineering
Cloud Transformation Roadmap
Product Design
Transforming your IT and data centers, turning them into secure and compliant enterprise cloud environments.
What we deliver

Consulting lies within our nature. Depending on our clients’ requests, we provide a range of services that enable and accelerate the digital transformation journey:

Business Requirements analysis.
Architecture documents and detailed technical reports.
On-site workshops on emerging technology trends and solution best practices.
Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Comparisons & Return on Investment (RoI) Analysis.
Implementation methodologies tailored to the specific business & technical requirements.
Proof-of-concept & Pilot systems.
Outsource of advanced services and processes.
Preparation of proposed content for drafting RFI/RFP documents.
Advanced blueprints & technologies training.

Reference Engagements

Reference Engagements

Software Architecture Consulting at EU Institution

Assessment of existing business, data & software architecture, elaboration on possible options for systems modernization utilizing efficient and innovative methodologies.

Endpoint Virtualization for Institutional Banking

Organizations & Telecom Provider Strategize business case, TCO/ROI analysis, branch/shop assessment, architecture transformation design, centralization of distributed IT to Data Center, virtualization, consolidation, end-to-end management and monitoring.

Consulting Services for ITIL on EU Agency’s Contractor

Review of an EU Agency’s contractor ITIL procedures, test plan design & execution, procedures for incident-problem, change management, configuration management, SLA, availability & CSI management. Vendor Analysis & selection on ITSM reporting & real time dashboards.

Operational Management of large-scale IT Systems for European Agency in the area of freedom, security and justice

Consulting services for the definition of a new advanced network security architecture, definition & selection of a global monitoring & reporting environment. Consulting study for the implementation of a network focused testbed to simulate the next wave of networks development.