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Customer Experience

From quality services to remarkable experiences

Customer Experience is at the heart of every successful business as it reflects the perception your customers have about your brand as a whole. Along every touchpoint of the customer journey, your customers are constantly forming subtle impressions of your brand. These impressions will move the customer toward becoming a repeat buyer or not. According to relevant studies, the Customer Experience (CX) market is expected to reach 27.13 bn dollars by 2026; it is clearly a trend, supported by the increasing digitalization, the integration of the different touchpoints into a single platform, and the growing capabilities of Big Data technologies.

From good services to unparalleled experiences

At Uni Systems, we can help you redefine your brand through a Customer Experience perspective. Unparalleled customer experiences require passion and customer-centric approaches with generous help from innovative tools and practices that support the efforts toward improved customer satisfaction, loyalty, retention and prove the Return of your Investment. 
State-of-the-art technologies enables you centralize customer data and empower an integrated, consistent view of your customer journeys, encompassing all of your touchpoints, either digital or physical. What we aim for, is the development of a CX vision that will meet our clients’ tactical and strategic goals to achieve their business goals.

Our Offerings

Customer Journey

Which are the most applicable CX metrics for your company? We help you define, adjust, and improve your measurement framework so that you can identify improvement areas and prioritize customer-centric focus areas. 
At Uni Systems, we believe in the power of data analytics and end-to-end integration. 
We help our customers successfully assess and reveal, create, enrich and analyze the data that fuel their CX and we propose a gradual roadmap to improve the end-to-end customer journey. Together, we calculate the impact of each distinct step to secure Return on Experience while we continuously consult them on re-adjusting and re-prioritizing their CX investment strategy. 
At Uni Systems, we leverage commercially applied, state-of-the-art technologies and our integration power to enable a consistent CX view, encompassing all interactions, either digital or physical. 
Our spiral improvement practice includes:

CX maturity evaluation
Continuous CX monitoring
Customer journey depiction, realization & real-time monitor
Consulting on a CX improvement blueprint
Step-wise improvements implementation
Impact measurement, strategy re-adjustment and re-prioritization
CX metrics selection and calculation to enable data-driven decision making
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning technology to improve and predict customer behavior
It's a change of mindset and approach. Working together, we will meet your customers’ expectations by exceeding your expectations as our Customer.


ECDC: Transforming Stakeholder Engagement with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Uni Systems has successfully collaborated with the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) in a project aiming to transform its stakeholder engagement using Microsoft Dynamics CRM.