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Enterprise Solutions

IT Enabled Business Processes

It’s been some time since the time that monolithic enterprise applications dominated the IT environment. Today, the era calls for modern applications that entail modularity, flexibility, easy-to-build and maintain software leading to a completely different way to generate enterprise agility. The result is accelerated operations, meaningful business outcomes and advantages that make the difference in all segments of the market. 

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We can help you transform  your organization and prepare for the future, with all the right  tools to get you there. 

Uni Systems can provide any type of enterprise applications, products, platform-based or totally custom-made. With more than half of a century of software development in various industries (Banking, Public, Telecom) and in various business domains, we are fully capable to assist organizations in modernizing existing applications or developing from scratch adaptable, scalable, reliable, manageable, flexible and secure new ones. 

We provide products or platform-based enterprise applications in the areas of payroll/HCM, enterprise content management, ERP, enterprise portals, ERP, BI/DWH. In addition, we have developed state-of-the-art systems for Taxation, Customs, Justice, Health Care, Social Insurance, eCitizens.

With full life-cycle methodologies and automation tools, DevOps, quality assurance, and project and delivery management services, we deliver effectively any type and size software development project.  

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AtomoPlus is here to provide agility, flexibility and effectiveness in the HR & Payroll…

Our Offerings

Uni Systems Enterprise Applications offerings include a large variety of solutions that organizations can implement in order to optimize processes, efficiently utilize information and reduce significant costs. Our team of experts, having extensive knowledge in various industries, can work with any company that needs to take the next step towards effective transformation.

Data Assessment 
Data Cleansing 
Data Mining
Smart Reporting 
Mobile Application Development 
ECM & Collaboration Systems 
Intelligent Document Recognition 
Business Process Management 
Platform Based Infrastructure and Services 
Portals and Enterprise Applications 
Data Management
Application Services 
API Management 
Data streaming 
Human Capital Management 
Payroll Offerings 
Omni-channel Interactions
Digital Media/Mobile Communications 
Self Service/NLU
AI and bots
WFO and Analytics 
Enterprise Workload Management 
The right combination of in-house and cloud services will take your organization one step ahead 
What we deliver

Our aim is to assist you in discovering your needs and provide you with the solutions that will get your organization to what it should be in the future.

Document Digitization 
Document Management 
Information Search/ Retrieval 
Business Process Automation 
Flexible Collaboration Among Groups And Executives 
Knowledge & Content Management 
Filing Needs for all Information 
Management of Incoming and Outgoing Information  
Full Support and Automation of Procedures
Flexibility in the Implementation and Further Improvement of Organizational Operations Without Limitations 
Application Interoperability 
Business Process Modelling and Analysis (Shape and Simulate Business Processes) 
Business Process Orchestration (Through Programming Techniques) 
Human Workflow (People-Oriented Workflow Processes) 
Business Rules Establishment 
Business Activity Monitoring (Control of Processes in Real Time) 
New Application Development 
Optimization of Existing Applications 
Legacy Applications Transformation 
Comprehensive Integration 
Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)  
Data Streaming 
Intelligent Business Automation 
Enhanced Flexibility 
Risk Minimization 


ECDC: Transforming Stakeholder Engagement with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Uni Systems has successfully collaborated with the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) in a project aiming to transform its stakeholder engagement using Microsoft Dynamics CRM.