Research, Development & Innovation

Driving the future

Our experience throughout the years has shown us that there is not a single proven formula for success, especially when it comes to creating innovative solutions. Most of the existing organizations in the ICT industry are better at executing, than creating solutions, and most of them have succeeded mainly by optimizing their existing business, than by creating and offering game-changing services.

Organizations that wish to set up, organize, and foster innovation and creativity internally, need to put in place a variety of different applications and processes. Encouraging innovation, investing in new ideas, discovering new areas, launching new products or services, and adapting and scaling up quickly to new offerings, are the keys to creativity.

Data is the new gold. We need to capture, store and use it.

Our approach to innovation

At Uni Systems, we distinctly believe in the transforming power of innovation and creativity. We strive to foster and create a business and working environment that promotes innovation and new ideas, as a key ticket to the future. We encourage new ideas internally, we collaborate closely with our partner ecosystem to get business and technology insights, and we constantly experiment with various forefront technologies.

A core challenge that any contemporary organization faces is how it prepares for the future and invents its new business model while remaining still relevant for the needs of its current business model and letting go of business practices that belong to the past – in other words, how it engages with innovation. 

To address this challenge, the RDI Department at Uni Systems has been created as a horizontal entity across the whole organization, to act as the driving force of Research, Development and Innovation activities for Uni Systems. Its mission focuses on: 

  • De-risking and incubating innovation ideas
  • Building an open innovation structure and innovation ecosystem
  • Bridging innovation to market via collaboration among industry, government, labs, and academia
  • Building a ‘fail-friendly’, agile environment.

Strategic Playgrounds

Smart Cities & Sustainability
Smart Mobility (mobility management, smart parking)
Smart Energy (EV charging, smart grid)
Culture (Asset management, Open, Big Data community platform)
Cybersecurity & Trust (Blockchain)
Industry 4.0/5.0
Phygital & Metaverse (Retail, CX, E-commerce)
Internet of Things
Drones/UAVs (Inspection-multiple verticals, Civil Protection, Logistics)
Artificial Intelligence
executed payment
Adopting innovation has always been part of our strategy and vision
What we deliver

The RDI Department, as a vital enabler of sustainable growth for Uni Systems, implements various value-added activities, including the preparation and submission of innovation funding applications to both EU and national funding schemes (e.g. Horizon Europe, GSRI’s Research-Create-Innovate, Next Generation EU investments, etc.), coordinating applications for R&D tax incentives, and implementing projects that have been awarded funding. Here are some key facts to date:

Approx. 200 innovation funding proposals submitted in total.
45 innovation projects such as Smart Health, Mobility, E-government, etc. in the implementation phase.
10 million euros (approx.) of funding received for Uni Systems & other iQnovus companies.
Participation to 7 clusters, competence centers and digital innovation hubs.

Our Services

To achieve its mission, the RDI Department consists of two units: Innovation Funding & Ecosystem Development (IFED) and Innovation Management, Incubation & Realization (IMIR). 

IFED aims to manage the full life cycle of research proposals for European and nationally funded research and innovation projects. 

IMIR aims to create and explore innovation opportunities for Uni Systems and to manage the delivery of funded innovation projects. 


iQnovus, Quest Group Innovation Center

Transform future into now

City4Life Lab

Powered by open data and ecosystems

Pleiades IoT Innovation Cluster

Innovation in action


Self-adjusting and integrated metropolitan and access network (ARMONIA)


Uni Systems participates in an EU-driven Project for the study and development of Bioresorbable 3D-printed scaffolds for personalised treatment of periodontitis. The project is implemented within the framework of the RESEARCH – CREATE – INNOVATE Action and is co-financed by the European Union and national resources through the EP. Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship & Innovation (EPANEK) (project code: T2EDK-01641)


Reference Projects

Reference Engagements

Digital Society & eGov

GLASS - Single Sign-on e-Governance Paradigm Based on a Distributed File Exchange Network for Security, Transparency, Cost Effectiveness and Trust


SPIDER - A Cybersecurity Platform for Virtualized 5G Cyber Range Services.

Big Data & Cloud Computing

DATAVAULTS - Persistent Personal Data Vaults Empowering a Secure and Privacy Preserving Data Storage, Analysis, Sharing and Monetisation Platform


ALAMEDA - Bridging the Early Diagnosis and Treatment Gap of Brain Diseases via Smart, Connected, Proactive and Evidence-Based Technological Interventions